It’s never too late to begin learning an instrument, and I would encourage anyone who is interested to give it a go. I teach people of all ages and can say from experience that age has no bearing on a student’s success. It’s all down to commitment.

When it comes to learning the piano, the majority of students are interested in following the traditional pathway, the way I learned, i.e. classical music. However, if you have a particular interest in a certain style of music, I am more than happy to include such repertoire during your lessons.

Exams are of course optional; they do not appeal to everyone. Nevertheless, many students enjoy following the graded system as it provides goals, and a great sense of achievement when those goals are reached. For both piano and music theory, I have a 100% exam success rate.

Lesson Fees
30 minutes – £15.00 (£20.00 for house visits)
45 minutes – £22.50 (£27.50 for house visits)
1 hour – £30.00 (£35.00 for house visits)